Access Control Systems

Design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning, after sale services, on site operations and maintenance of


Access control is the first and most powerful component of facility
safety and security. We offer a comprehensive array of access
control platforms, solutions and products.

Comprehensive and integrated access control

We have embraced advanced technology: highly encrypted
door controllers, for example, and biometrics, such as retina
and fingerprint scans, that identify users with unique physical
characteristics. Many of our access control solutions include remote
monitoring, making security more convenient to manage. Finally,
our access control solutions can be integrated with other security,
fire and building systems to make your job of ensuring safety and
security easier and more effective.

CEM System

With a reputation for designing and developing
industry firsts, CEM Systems continuously offers
solutions like its AC2000 flagship security software and
innovative emerald reader, providing customers with
more functionality at the door to help advance site
security and business operations.

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Serving small- to medium-sized business, Kantech
provides integrated access control technologies that
are reliable, easy to install, and scalable. Its flagship
solution, the EntraPass access control software and KT
controllers, enable more simplified configuration and
robust reporting to enhance the user experience.

Software House

Software House has built a solid reputation as an
innovator of security solutions, including the C•CURE
9000 security and event management system and
proven iSTAR door controllers, to provide 24/7
mission-critical enterprise security and safety
protection for people, buildings, and assets.

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